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Welcome to Interstate Heating & Cooling, Inc.

For commercial, residential, multifamily, and service market heating and cooling solutions in the long term or in a pinch, Interstate Heating & Cooling is here to serve you. We’ve been in the business of helping keep your home or office room temperature perfect since our founding by Ted Odom in 1996. We provide a host of services that include commercial fabrication and installation, residential fabrication and installation, multi-unit housing fabrication and installation, and service and warranty work. More important than all of the experience and skills that we provide, the heart of Interstate Heating & Cooling is that we care. We care about a job well done, and we care about the people that are impacted by the work we do. It serves as a motivation to do our very best work, for every project, every time.


Our repair team have the years of experience that provide them with the industry knowledge and expertise to best serve our clients in every scenario. Their professionalism and knowledge from certification studies and out on the field fully equip them to help tackle even your trickiest heating and cooling troubles.


As a company, Interstate Heating & Cooling works hard to continue advancing our techniques and our technology in order to keep up with the latest methods of heating and cooling maintenance and repair. When you choose our team, you’re choosing the cutting edge.


Our customers would agree—our team does all of their maintenance, repair work, and installation work to the highest caliber of quality in terms of results and customer service. We are all about making sure that our clients feel fully satisfied with the results and the services that we provide them.

Our commitment to customer service will enable us to offer services with on-time completion. We give service, not excuses.

Ted Odom, CEO, Interstate Heating and Cooling